Recent research have shown that women represent fewer than 50% of leaders in every industry analyzed – and in some fields, such as energy and mining or manufacturing, the representation of women is far lower, with women holding fewer than 20% of leadership positions. The rate of progress for women has been slow, too: over the past decade, the proportion of female leaders has increased by an average of just over 2% across the 12 industries studied. While women worldwide are closing the gap in critical areas such as health and education, significant gender inequality persists in the workforce and in politics.

With Africa in the centre of novel transformation in the continent’s evolution, this indeed connotes brand new opportunities for the women folk. This exciting new recognition however comes with new challenges for women. Just how prepared are African women leaders and emerging leaders in public service and other sectors of the larger economy in taking up new roles, responsibilities, challenges and the opportunities that are bound to open up in line with this new development.

However, we recognize that developing women’s competencies and ensuring their equal access to all fields of knowledge and education in their various sectors are critical in helping them to adjust mentally and adequately prepare for the task ahead. We’re further aware that global empowerment of women and the girl child requires persistence and multilateral commitment to realize change on a global scale,

It is in line with the above that First Strategy International (FSI), a frontline, gender empowerment and development-based organization and thought leader in developing the theory and practice of gender leadership, economic, social and educational empowerment have continually shown commitment in inspiring a multilateral emancipation of women leaders in the new frontier.

AFRICAN WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP AND PUBLIC SERVICE WORKSHOP is expected to offer participants the opportunity to learn, share experiences and through a unique visibility platform, promote international interaction, generate lively thought-provoking discussion and challenge assumptions surrounding gender equality in Africa. The workshop which is designed to offer a platform for prominent stakeholders to share key information and participate in more focused and in-depth discussions on issues and trends in  contemporary times will bring together individuals, institutions, academics, diplomats, leaders and major Think-Tanks on gender equality and a full suite of the local and international media.

Highlights of the workshop shall include; Keynote Presentations, Panel Discussions, Case Studies, Roundtable Knowledge Sharing, Innovation Festival, Study Tours/Working Visits, Networking and a closing dinner on the last day of the forum.

Expected participants shall include; Female Executives in the Public Service, Women in Civil Service / Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Governments, Female Business owners and entrepreneurs, Women in Banking and Businesses, Elected Female Legislators, Wives of Elected & Appointed Government Officials, Wives of Senior Military Officials, Leaders of Women Associations and Civil Society Organizations, Change and Brand Champions, emerging women leaders and team leads.

For participation and enquiries, please reach +2348037478294, +2348119740015 or e-mail workshop@localhost or

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