First Strategy International is a flagship public, private sector consulting and thought leader in developing the theory and practice of social economic, leadership and professional strategies. In keeping with our mandate, First Strategy International have continually shown commitment in organising inspiring and impactful training/workshop for public and private sector institutions in Africa and beyond; from Abuja to New York, Nairobi to Dubai, Accra to Johannesburg, Paris, London etc, the focus has remained consistent. Our management consultancy solutions are premised on excellence and innovation. FSI analyses various organizational problems, develops improvement plans, deploys those plans and monitors the plans to ensure improved organizational performance.

We leverage on a network of excellent partnership with world renowned consultants and think tanks in the US, Asia and Europe who carefully enlist the services of some of the best brains in the industry and the professions to provide combined wealth of expertise, re-engineered systems and cutting edge services across a broad spectrum of sectors.

With so many years of hands-on experience, our commitment to excellence has made us a leading brand in consultancy and human capacity development.

Our mission

Our primary focus is designing, developing and delivering both off-site and on-site strategic programmes. Our goal is to help clients mitigate risks and maximise returns, while building a confident and competent workforce. Our interest is in strengthening and creating capacity by exploring the creative ingenuities of the human mind and combining cutting edge technologies and expertise to deliver continuous workshops that will equip organisational workforce for greater performance with panache and speed.

Our programmes are spread across virtually all knowledge areas to promote growth in the individual and the workforce at large.

How we work


Our workshops are delivered in popular cities of the World, Africa and Nigeria.