In reawakening the global consciousness for equity and harvesting potentials for the realization of sustainable development goals, which places a lot more demand on the women folk, First Strategy International, a leading brand in developing the theory and practice of  leadership and professional strategies especially for women in public service and leadership positions is pleased to invite all Women in Civil Service / Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Governments, Female Executives in the Public and Private Sector, Female Business owners and Entrepreneurs, Women in Banking and Businesses, Elected Female Legislators, Wives of Elected & Appointed Government Officials, Wives of Senior Military/Paramilitary Officers, Leaders of Women Associations and Civil Society Organizations, Change and Brand Champions to participate at the 2018 International Forum on Women and Sustainable Development in Africa with the theme: “Women in the Changing World: From Potential to Possibility” billed for 13-18 November, 2018 in the city of Dubai, UAE.


Key Highlights;

  • Key Notes/Engaging Presentations
  • Interactive Panels
  • Break-out sessions
  • Networking and other side attractions
  • VIP Closing Dinner/Awards

Achieving gender equity is critical to sustainable development. In all societies women’s and men’s roles are socially constructed, but all too frequently gender-based disparities exist that disadvantage women; this impedes their development and hence that of humankind.

Despite decades of effort, overall progress in improving women’s lives has been inconsistent. Moreover, environmental benefits and burdens affecting human capabilities are inequitably distributed. Women are still underrepresented in all levels of government and other decision-making arenas, whether at work or, for many, at home. Such lack of power is linked to higher levels of female poverty, especially in rural areas of developing countries where women are responsible for 60–80 per cent of food production as well as fuel and water provision yet have little access or control over natural assets such as land, water and ecological conditions that create opportunities for a better life.

International Forum on Women and Sustainable Development in Africa seeks to promote new, alternative and cutting edge thinking on the place of womanhood in the changing world. It is expected to offer participants the opportunity to learn, share experiences and through a unique visibility platform, promote international interaction, generate lively thought-provoking discussion and challenge divergent opinions. The forum is designed to offer a platform for prominent stakeholders to share key information and participate in more focused and in-depth discussions on the demands of sustainable development goals and the corresponding obligations of women in Africa and other developing nations.


First Strategy International, a frontline gender empowerment and development-based organization has continually shown commitment in inspiring a multilateral emancipation of women leaders in the new frontier. From Washington to Kigali, London to Johannesburg, Paris to Dubai, Helsinki to Nairobi, Abuja etc, the goal has remained consistent.



Registration ongoing!


For participation and enquiries, please contact our secretariat at +234 8037478294, +2348119740015 or e-mail workshop@localhost


See you in Dubai.