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The linkage between transparency, public accountability and economic development is quite crucial. It is indeed a paradox that most African nations are described in many international reports as rich in human capital  and natural resources, but classed among the world’s 20 poorest countries, thus; confirming that there is a wide gap between revenue generation, appropriation, utilisation, and the effect on development. Public accountability and transparency of the government owned sectors are vital contribution to the democratic quality of the state and key prerequisite to stability and security. The new implications further created by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and contemporary global trends particularly to the developing nations of Africa, therefore suggest a constant multilateral engagement and commitment of key stakeholders to realize change on a sustainable scale.

Workshop Title: Mastering Transparency and Accountability in the Public Sector

Venue: Accra, Ghana.

Date:    November 14-18, 2017.

Key Highlights of the Workshop; Guest Presentations, Plenary/Panel Sessions, Sensitization Training, Demonstrations, Case studies, Networking, City Guided Tours.

Expected participants shall include; Public Servants, Middle and Top Level Administrators and Executives in  Civil Service / Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Governments, Managers of Government Businesses, Elected and Appointed Government Officials, Executives and Legislators, Senior Military Officials, Leaders of Associations and Civil Society Organizations, Businesses, Banks and other financial institutions.


Over ten high impact keynote speakers, guest presenters and lead discussants from different countries, carrier background and expertise.

INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON TRANSPARENCY AND PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY is expected to offer participants the opportunity to learn, share experiences and through a unique visibility platform, promote international interaction, generate lively thought-provoking discussion and challenge assumptions surrounding gender equality in Africa. The workshop which is designed to offer a platform for prominent stakeholders to share key information and participate in more focused and in-depth discussions on issues and trends in  contemporary times will bring together individuals, institutions, academics, diplomats, leaders and major Think-Tanks on gender equality.


First Strategy International 

First Strategy International is a flagship public, private sector consulting organization and thought leader in developing the theory and practice of social, economic, leadership and professional strategies. First Strategy International have continually shown commitment in organising inspiring and impactful conferences and workshops for public and private sector institutions in Africa and beyond; from Abuja to New York, Nairobi to Dubai, Accra to Johannesburg, Paris, London etc, Our gender events are premised on inspiring a multilateral emancipation of women leaders in the new frontier and on this we have remained consistent



 Mandela Centre for Leadership and Development

REGISTRATION FEE:   $1000.00 (One Thousand US Dollars)     

All registrations should be made and confirmed before 20th October, 2017 using the following details.

The Bank Details are as follows:

Account Name:                        First Strategy International Consulting

Account Number:                       1015295461

Bank:                                            Zenith Bank


For participation and enquiries, please contact +234 8175161085, +2348119740015 or e-mail workshop@localhost or