B2B Meetings


FSI Consulting has developed its approach to the organization of Trade and Investment missions that maximizes the productivity of the participants in terms of the useful and relevant contacts during the mission and ultimately to the satisfaction of the Client (the one who commissions the event). In difference to standard approach to Trade and Investment Missions, our service puts emphasis on B2B meetings. The two major objectives we pursue with this regard are the number and relevance of the B2B meetings.
FSI Consulting has developed step-by-step approach to plan a Trade and Investment Mission. We undertake carefully pre-planned steps to ensure success on each of them. First we plan and research the participants to understand the delegates’ requirements. Benefits of B2B meetings are maximized when we thoroughly understand what visitors and delegates expect. Then we find and qualify suitable local companies, profile and match them with the foreign delegates. The third stage is to organize the actual logistics of the meetings and supervise the process.

The final step is to survey the participants and evaluate the results.
To summarize, the advantages of our Trade and Investment Service are:

  • It empathize the B2B part of the event and is oriented at more tangible outcomes (e.g. deals, agreement on repeated visits)
  • It offers perfect match between business interest of delegates and profiles of  local companies
  • It provides opportunity to research the counterpart company in advance and be informed and more prepared at B2B meeting
  • It is efficiently planned in terms of logistics and support services
  • It is oriented at maximum productivity of the delegates and satisfaction of the client