Gender Based Workshops



Research has shown that Women have natural leadership skills that add to the bottom line when incorporated and utilized. While studies indicates that ignoring women’s productive potential equals a colossal setback with significant consequence for individuals, organizations, economies and governments, the World Bank Group nonetheless takes as its startling point that no country, community or economy can achieve its potential or meet the challenges of the 21st century without the full and equal engagement of women and men.

Our commitment towards inspiring a multilateral emancipation of women leaders in the new frontier is driving by passion and the consciousness that global empowerment of women and the girl child requires persistence and multilateral commitment to realize change on a global scale.

These workshops are delivered over a four-day session and are designed to strengthen participants’ leadership capabilities, decision-making, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, team leadership, and consensus-building. It is further expanded by mentoring, community projects, and networking opportunities, this one-of-a-kind program challenges women to discover and embrace their unique gifts and to use them with confidence to have a positive impact in their personal and professional lives.

More often than not, most women struggle with how to develop their own leadership styles and effectively enhance their power and status within an organization. To achieve the highest levels of management, it is essential for women to recognize, understand, and transform common life challenges into career-building opportunities.

Our Gender Based Workshop comes with the following benefit;

  • Strategic Networking Opportunities
  • Physical and intellectual challenge leading to more self discovery and resilient mindset
  • Ability to handle gender discrimination and complexity
  • Competitive mind-set that leverages your strengths as a woman
  • Wide and strategic network of key stakeholders who will promote your career
  • Ability to deal with hypercompetitive colleagues with whom you have low trust
  • Confidence and assertiveness in a competitive, male-dominated world
  • Competitive advantage by taking smart career risks
  • Ability to manage difficult colleagues
  • Nuggets for effective business, career and public sector leadership.


Our workshops are designed for women leaders and aspiring leaders in the following category:

  • Women in Civil Service / Ministries, Departments and Agencies
  • Female Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Women in Banking and Business
  • Elected Female Executives and Legislators
  • Wives of Elected & Appointed Government Officials
  • Leaders of Women Associations and Civil Society Organizations
  • Change and Brand Champions
  • Women Leaders and Emerging Leaders, ready and willing to more fully access their professional and expressive potential.