Dr. Hoosain Ebrahim

Mr. Felix Ijoma

Dr. Ebrahim is a Pakistan born Associate Professor from the University of Minnesota, USA, and currently the chief diagnostician, trainer and supervisor at ATF Learning Difficulty Center in Dubai. He is also an Academic Trainer and Supervisor in the field of Psychology with notable reputation for human capacity building especially in the developing nations of the world.

He is very passionate about education with four PhD’s and currently pursuing his fifth.  Dr. Ebrahim soft spot for swift development has endeared him to the board of Global Advocacy for African Affairs.

Dr. Hoosain Ebrahim is an academic of notable standing and is an international alumni with the International Alumni Association as a member to appear in the 2018 edition of the International Alumni Association Registry, having pursued Excellence, maintained Perseverance, and ascended the summit of Professional Accomplishment. His specialties range from learning difficulties, special needs, autism, positive parenting to psychosomatics.

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