The Nigeria Community Excellence Awards

The Nigeria Community Excellence Awards is an annual flagship event of The Nigerian Voice Newspaper South Africa and is endorsed by Nigeria Diplomatic Missions in South Africa. The event celebrates excellent achievements of individual Nigerians and corporate Nigerian entities in different fields of endeavors in the South Africa society.

The event; Nigeria Community Excellence Award is the only private organized Nigerian event in South Africa as at today that will bring together the who is who in the Nigerian community. The aim of the Award amongst others is to commensurate Nigeria’s Independence Celebration, to identify, keep data and appreciate outstanding Nigerians and Nigerian owned organizations within the South Africa society.

Also the event is inspired by our commitment to telling the Nigerian success stories in the Diaspora with specific focus on spotlighting Nigerians who are making positive impacts and contributing to the development of the host community. The event is seen as an important communication tool to showcase the best of Nigerians in Diaspora and diverse Nigerian cultural heritage to our host society and the rest of the world. At the international front, it is aimed at bridging diplomatic gap between Nigerians and other nations in South Africa.